The Book Thing of Baltimore

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a ridiculous bookworm. I will try to read just about anything, and I have a stupidly huge collection of books that takes up way too much room. Some people collect coins or stamps. I collect books (and lip gloss). It’s easy to see that this hobby is inherited from my parents (especially my dad), that my sister also inherited it, and that my brother-in-law shares our “problem.” (My aunt is probably only safe from this syndrome because she has a Kindle.) Now, my sweet boyfriend is way too patient for his own good and did not even roll his eyes when I excitedly informed him that we would be visiting The Book Thing with Cat and Rob as part of a litany of Valentine’s Day weekend events. He deserves much credit since he has tripped over, stubbed toes on, cleaned, moved, and glared at literally thousands and thousands of tomes. He even smiled at me when I told him I would be painstakingly giving away 30 books that I have never read and probably never would (because they look pretty bad) away to The Book Thing.

Uh, so what is the big deal if we go to a book store? Well, The Book Thing happens not to charge anything for any of its books. They are mostly used, but many are in fine condition, and you can take as many as you like. Uh oh! This particular visit, we wound up with 45. (Six of those were Eric’s.)

Well, enough babbling. Let’s take a look at a few of the funkier things we got this time. And please visit The Book Thing’s website at

I was really excited to see this book. Unfortunately, it’s mostly just lists of things people believe, not explanations of why they believe. It’s still fun, so I took it! ( does the dirty work of debunking many of these for you anyway!)

I have always had a thing for old textbooks (okay, math, not so much). This is a fourth- or fifth- grade level reading text. There was a huge box of them next to the kids’ books bins, where a man ran up and frantically threw books up in the air as he plowed through all 10 bins. Hmmm!

This is an independently published collection of essays about society’s view of women’s beauty, and how companies push their beauty products on women, among other things. There were about 50 of these in a box. It was published by the Center for the Study of Responsive Law and has a 1986 forward from Ralph Nader.

This book is part of the Opposing Viewpoints series, which presents exactly what it sounds like. This edition focuses on the hotbed topic of abortion and the many and varied opinions of the subject. One of my favorite parts of the newspaper has always been the letters from people who feel differently about various topics than I do, so I was drawn to this like the proverbial moth to the flame.

In my youth, I had a hard time knowing how to tell someone something negative. Working in certain difficult environments and going to college certainly changed that, but I could always use help with less-than-pleasant situations. But some of the suggestions sound rather … well, scripted. This book is guaranteed to at least be entertaining!

I had heard of this book, but never bothered to check it out. I certainly could’ve used it at a certain point in my life. It’s based on the idea that people go through a quarter-life crisis along with a “mid-life” crisis. People in their early- to mid- 20s face uncertainty about what to do with their lives, and how to “figure it all out.” I still face this at 28, as do many people I know who are far older than me, so I don’t think it’s restricted to any one age range. There’s a corresponding website:

I LOVE old pulp fiction art! Yes, this is a collection of tawdry paperback covers from yesteryear! And, they are all magnetic postcards! I can’t get any to stick to my fridge though. Despite the cover’s appearance, nothing in here is really dirty, just funny!

I loved Anna Quindlen’s newspaper/newsmagazine writing, although I’ve never read any of her novels. This ought to be a cool read.

We also got various other books on science, animals, philosophy, psychology, physics, health, travel, crime, and mythology, as well as several novels. It’s like Christmas! 😉

One response to “The Book Thing of Baltimore

  1. You really picked up a great set of books! Is there a book for third-of-a-life crises??? I think I’m in one!!! (Actually I think I’ve been in one for the last 10 years… 🙂

    I feel kind of dumb, but it took me a while to figure out that those automatically generated post suggestions are ones other people wrote… I was sitting here thinking, “MV collects RPGs??? And when did she go to Birmingham to visit Reed Books?” Hahaha!

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