A Few Things

Thank you for your comments about Blogger. I have to agree it’s not really working out for me or my readers. I’m currently researching WordPress.com (thanks Evan) and it looks like an easy option. I really just need to take the time to play with it a little, and I also want to see how hard it would be to switch all of my old entries over to the new server; I hate to leave them behind. I’ll let you know when I make the switch and post the new address here.

Second, the snow is melting away. As much as I love it, I’m secretly glad so I can get out and do some stuff this weekend — like getting my oil changed, and seeing my sister. I also hope my textbook will get here today or early tomorrow — uggghhh.
Third, check this out! Eric spent a lot of our snowed-in time working on new artwork. Here is his interpretation of the 2010 Monster Blizzard, which he’s also placed on overpriced mugs and T-shirts at Zazzle: http://ericdanerd.deviantart.com/art/Monster-Blizzard-2010-153663962
(Blogger hates my HTML tags and is somehow blending them with the middle of the blog, but I swear I’m doing it right. I’m too annoyed to screw with it right now, and I have to get back to work anyway!)

3 responses to “A Few Things

  1. You know, we still have a couple of Eric's drawings that we could scan if he wanted to put them on his deviantart site.

  2. Hmmm, which drawings? Are they from recently? He'd probably love for you to scan them :)~M.V.

  3. They are not recent. I think Eric mailed them to Jaime before he even moved to Blacksburg. They are very scary. One is a two-headed creature with a human head on one end looking at a monster on the other end. The other is a multiple-headed creature with a raven and some other stuff. They are detailed pen drawings on heavy paper. I'll try to get them scanned.

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