It’s a full-on blizzard out there, AGAIN, with wind blowing up huge snowdrifts in our parking lot. I’m still not complaining, although the dreams of a biscuits and gravy breakfast at the local diner that I had last night were totally out of the question when I woke up this morning (although still tempting…). I am permitted to telework today, which is awesome because there are some things I really needed to get done.

The cats are snug and warm and have no idea how lucky they are. Occasionally they will park themselves by a window or the balcony door and stare at the sheets of white outside, but even that has started to bore them. Domino is presently chowing down at the food station and Sumo is curled up in my fake-suede jacket, which he adores more than I do.
These are Eric’s version of snowshoes for trekking around outdoors. They hold up pretty well and keep his feet dry. The first day he went out like this we got lots of stares, but now we’re running into tons of other people who had the same idea.
Time to go take some medicine and get back to work.

4 responses to “Blizzardous

  1. hmmm-m, biscuits and gravy! Sounds good! The weather is incredible. I have never seen it snow sideways! I can hardly see out of my windows. We have a lot of snow too — Diva and I have been enjoying chasing sticks in the blizzard, a new experience for both of us, and a bit of a challenge if your legs are 3" long! I'm going to pull on my Wellies a bit later and go for a walk. Love the pictures — I've seen people in plastic bags too!Sorry you are still sick :(Aunt Vinson

  2. Yep, lot of snow, we finally got the wagon out yesterday afternoon for a quick trip to the FL. And then last nights snow has us housebound again. But thats not too bad. Got out for a short walk today. Hopefully can start to dig out (again) tomorrow. Neat idea about the plastic bags; very creative!

  3. That is the CUTEST pic of Sumo! (Is that Sumo?)

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