Cabin Fever … literally!

The snow stopped days ago, but my parking lot is a complete and total mess. We got the car shoveled the rest of the way out yesterday, but after seeing the number of vehicles getting stuck — including a large pick-up truck and the garbage truck — I said, “Forget it.” We walked down Columbia Pike to the pharmacy and then to CVS for some overpriced groceries for the NEXT storm, which should hit sometime today and continue through Wednesday. When we came back, we looked for the guy to whom Eric had lent our sole good snow shovel, and of course he was gone and the shovel wasn’t in the back of his truck the way it was supposed to be. So much for being a good Samaritan. I’m not surprised someone took it though — whether it was the original dude or somebody else who saw it in the truck, who knows? (Our landlord also purchased 12 shovels to loan to residents who were too silly to go buy one ahead of time, but I’ll give you one guess how many of these residents actually returned their borrowed shovel! That’s right, zero!) Realizing that there weren’t any shovels within easy traveling distance of us to purchase, and that with another 5 to 15 inches headed our way (depending on which weatherman is talking) we’d be hosed, we decided to try to get the car out to store in Suzi’s building garage. We were certain my car would get stuck in the huge snowbanks and icy ruts all over the lot, but to our shock, Frankie prevailed where the others had failed miserably. A simple tap of the gas and he pulled right out of the space, past numerous other stuck cars and six foot high snowpiles, and out on to the road he went. (Yes, my car’s name is Frankie and yes, I refer to him as a “he”.) Go Sonata Go! He doesn’t even have 4-wheel drive! Is it possible to be proud of an object? Hahaha.

Where others complain of cabin fever, I have a bad sinus infection instead. The headache it gave me was one of the worst I’ve had in my life! Bleeaugh! Thankfully, my doctor lives right downstairs and so I just marched down there and was seen right away. He is awesome.

The weather has caused a lot of people to make snarky comments about global warming. Well, this weather actually is a sign of our changing climate, which causes cooler air to wash over the Gulf Stream. It’s not part of a “liberal agenda”, it is science. For some reason many people seem to despise science.

I’m not eating much today because antibiotics make me feel sick. Suzi had cooked a delicious-smelling casserole at her place, but I really couldn’t eat anything at the moment. I just ate some Total cereal with soy milk and a sprinkling of sweet Stevia in the Raw (made by the folks behind Sugar in the Raw), which was very delicious. Total was never one of my favorite cereals, but we always seemed to have it around when I was a kid. They do have some tasty fruit versions out now. Maybe I’ll fire up some Dinty Moore beef stew later on, or walk over to Bob and Edith’s. Some of their biscuits and gravy would be good for dinner. I do admit that being inside so much is finally starting to get to me, so I try to get out and get some fresh air when I can. Eric and I have been playing cards, video games, watching documentaries, and making JiffyPop on the stove, and of course I’m always curled up with a book the rest of the time. The roads looked awful this morning – many roads are reduced to one lane and you can find pedestrians walking right in the middle of the street – and I’d prefer to be off of them as much as possible.

What do you do to combat cabin fever? New poll on the right 🙂


4 responses to “Cabin Fever … literally!

  1. I love this! This entry really captures the local atmosphere these days. That's too bad about the shovels. I'm amazed your car got out so easily! Kudos to Hyundai. Mine is barely visible under its snowbank, where it will stay until the snow melts. I've been getting out and walking around, up to Ballston yesterday to see Avatar and down to Rosslyn today for a Chopt salad. The sidewalks are awful. About half are not shoveled and some are completely impassable unless you have ropes and crampons. I love it though! Aunt Vinson

  2. The Mapless Traveler

    Me too! I feel bad for everyone who has to try to make it to work in this weather, but I can't help but love the snow anyway. We just don't get a lot of good snow days (or weeks) like this here, not most years! The sidewalks are terrible and it's pretty dangerous for pedestrians right now. Columbia Pike is fairly clear, but still rather icy in places, and George Mason Drive (where Suzi's building is) is a one lane road!

  3. Hey, snow in the 'burbs! When I was a kid in Arlington, I just remember being out of school and sledding all day; great! That's how I broke my tooth; Cliff was on my back, and we went over a steep drop and Cliff wound up on my head! Shovels! Geez, sounds like folks are pretty bummy about that. I'd buy a couple of el cheapo ones to loan out and not worry about it. I gave one to a guy at Dulles one time after I'd shoveled myself out. They'll probably have some big sales as winter starts to tail off.

  4. What a nice landlord you have to buy a bunch of shovels to loan out! It’s pretty sad that there’s actually 12 people (at least) in your building that would not return something that was loaned to them. Rob and I were among the silly who didn’t buy a shovel ahead of time. Luckily we were fortunate enough to have two neighbors lend us their shovels, which we immediately returned.

    My Elantra actually did pretty well in the snow — or at least much better than the Camaro, which is what I’m used to!

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