The Black Jack Taco = Huge Frown Face

So I just ran out of the apartment with Eric for the sole purpose of driving 15 minutes up the road … to go to Taco Bell. Yes, I just left the house to go get faux-Mexican fast food. Why? Because I saw a commercial a couple of hours ago for the new Black Jack taco, and I couldn’t stand the thought of knowing about a cool new Taco Bell item and not eating it! Pepper jack sauce on a beef taco … in a black taco shell? Ohhh, yeah.

It’s a total letdown. I could just get a regular beef taco and throw a mild hot sauce packet on it and probably have more spice. Come ON! The pepper jack sauce tastes more like mayo with a tiny bit of pepper tossed in. FAIL.
Get rid of this, and bring back the Cheesy Gordita Crunch. Or the Encheritos with the green sauce!

2 responses to “The Black Jack Taco = Huge Frown Face

  1. At least you won't be wondering any more if it's any good! And, you've saved others from disappointment — thanks MV!Aunt Vinson

  2. Mmm, enchiritos. They don't have those any more??? My fave Taco Bell thing is the Crunchwrap (ordered with beans instead of beef)! Loooove it!

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