Adventures with Restaurants: Clyde’s Willow Creek Farm

Clyde’s is well known for owning a series of fantastic restaurants in the DC Metro area. But I had never heard of this beautiful little place out in the Broadlands community of Ashburn, Virginia (part of Loudon County). According to Clyde’s web site (, the idea came about when Clyde’s owners decided to reassemble some dismantled antique wooden buildings on this spot near Dulles International Airport. I’m so glad they did. Comfy and cozy, the restaurant has the excellent service of fine dining and the romance of a family homestead.
A large group of old friends and myself assembled in a rented private room upstairs for a buddy’s surprise party, organized by his wife. I felt supremely sorry for the waiter as he carried huge tray after huge tray up the stairs to us, but if he felt fatigued or irritated, he didn’t show it for one second. I ordered the Jumbo Lump crabcake, which came with an assortment of fries, corn, and tomatoes. Since most crabcakes I get are usually huge, I decided on just the single rather than the double. I was surprised when the crabcake turned out to be rather small, although delighted it came without breading — just big lumps of delicious crab. Next time I’ll make sure to get a double order. The fries were so-so, but a liberal dousing of vinegar improved them greatly.
All in all, I was impressed with Willow Creek Farm. I’m eagerly awaiting a chance to get back and eat two crabcakes. (A friend challenged me to a crabcake eating contest, so we may have to get more than that 😉 And yes, our buddy was pleasantly surprised by the party. Unfortunately, the evening ended with my having to go through two tolls (Dulles Greenway and Dulles Toll Road), when I was just expecting one! Not having enough change for the second, we had to just drive through with the sound of the violation bell screaming in our ears. (It’s LOUD!) I called today to make the rest of the payment, and yes, they had recorded the violation! Maybe should I make myself more familiar with the Ashburn area (or get a better GPS). I suppose another trip out to Willow Creek would be the perfect way to do that!

2 responses to “Adventures with Restaurants: Clyde’s Willow Creek Farm

  1. Sounds like a fun evening with a delicious crabcake! I like comfy cozy places, so I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the tip!Aunt Vinson

  2. That sounds like a cool place. I've eaten at the Clyde's in Rockville; it's pretty nice.

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