Scenes from the Homelands!

From late May … (I’m a bit behind on the updating)!

I am back! I am nearly over a bout of suspected influenza A H1N1 (okay, SWINE FLU!), the countenance of which I’d compare to an uninvited houseguest who shows up out of nowhere and proceeds to essentially wreck your whole state-of-being, while taking its sweet time to just get back out the door, already. And I am still tired and trying to learn to eat again, but I am ready to write!
It looks like our poll results favor last August’s Lake Martin, Alabama, trip, which is still quite
fresh in my mind 🙂 After that, I’ll head to the next popular result (unless I take a trip in the meantime). To tide you over until my next chronicle, here are some photographs from my last topic — lovely King George County, Virginia!

What you’ll see as you drive down Route 3 to get to King George … green, green, and more green. And, I really need to turn off that annoying datestamp on my camera.
We met this green garden snake on the Dahlgren Railroad Heritage Trail, which is a nearly 16 mile trail following the path of the original Dahlgren Branch railroad line.

He was not particularly agreeable to being a model and took off in this bush to sun himself.

Of course, that didn’t stop my sister and me from petting him anyway. We’re COUNTRY, y’all! Ha ha ha. My sister is probably going to kill me for making such an assertion about her 🙂 But I didn’t realize how country we really were until I moved to the city. Where else can you get a gorgeous view, like this one?
Walk just a little farther, and you can complete the picture with a farmhouse in the distance. I wish I could just run straight through the fields and up the hill, a la Laura Ingalls in On the Banks of Plum Creek.

My sister and brother-in-law walking up the trail ahead of me.

4 responses to “Scenes from the Homelands!

  1. ok, this is great. glad I finally found the 'comment' feature. they hid it very cleverly!! But anyhoo, very nice little write-up and pictures!

  2. Cool blog…love the pics! Okay, my least fav part of traveling isn't on your list, so here it is… This is probably going to sound silly, but what I hate most is *starting* a trip… getting all our crap together, getting out the door (not usually anywhere near on time for us), getting all the last-minute errands and stuff done…ugh. So by the time we get on the road, we're usually cranky from all that, and hungry because we had no time eat breakfast! It's all good after the getting-out-the-door part though!

  3. That's not silly, Cat … I understand perfectly! I can't stand feeling rushed (which makes it funny that I chose to live in the DC Metro area). I hate that "GOTTA GO AAAAH" feeling. I have a tendency to procrastinate, so that kind of thing always catches up with me. And I agree that not eating breakfast is one of the worst things 😦 It just adds to the crankiness, too! But stopping to grab an Egg McMuffin on the way is fun … or Cracker Barrel if you have time/are riding with Aunt Vinson ;)~M.V.

  4. I agree with Catherine — the pre-trip prep is the worst! It takes a surprising amount of planning just to go away for a few days, and plus I am always for some unexplicable reason overcome by a cleaning frenzy. I am perfectly happy to live messily until the day before a trip!The pictures and captions are wonderful. Good captions like these really bring the photo to life.3 cheers for Cracker Barrel!love to all, Aunt Vinson

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